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Two years ago i met two great ladies Maria and Sheila who changed my life for ever. They showed me how i could get my life back when at the time i thought i would always feel like i did, which was feeling very unhappy and no confidence. I worried about everything due to getting postnatal depression after having my daughter fourteen years earlier. I went to pink ladies every time without fail when it was on, listened to everything they said in class and took it in which was not easy sometimes, because of the way i feel about myself. Now i am helping them by doing peer support and i love it, helping other girls who come in for their first time which can be very scary. So if you are reading this and thinking of coming to pink ladies please come along and see for yourself : it will change your life like it has mine Maria and Sheila they are just so great i feel like i have known them all my life. I just don't know what i would do without them. I love them so much and just want to thank them for everything they have done for me. Claire Cummings 




I have been with the Pink Ladies for nearly three years now. They have helped me so much,i don't no what i would have done without them. Just when i thought i couldn't go on any more they were there and gave me the tools and techniques for me to begin to help myself and my family see a huge difference in me. I now help Sheila and Maria in a peer support role and wouldn't want to be doing anything else. They mean the world to me for all the help and advice they have given me. THANK YOU ladies i couldn't have got this far without you. Love you both 




I have referred a number of my clients, whom I felt would benefit from the environment and atmosphere that is fostered with in the Pink Ladies set up.  I work with very damaged and vulnerable women who very often as a downside to their substance misuse find it very difficult to engage in groups for fear of being labelled and judged.




My clients have all reported that the find the groups welcoming and relaxing and a place where they feel comfortable attending as there is not set agenda as such and does not remind of a school classroom / environment which many fear.




My clients feel more positive about their situations and feel better about themselves – in fact one has moved onto voluntary work and is applying for college courses. Now whilst attending Pink Ladies for a number of sessions did not make this change in and of itself I do feel that the confidence gained by attending has helped with her moving on process.




Anne Conaghan


Midlothian Substance Misuse Worker




New Leaf Adult Guidance & Development Service is an impartial careers guidance service supported by ESF/FSF monies and Midlothian Council who are very happy to inform clients of the Pink Ladies 1st charity and their personal development programs. As career adviser I have met many people over the years who have enjoyed the program and benefited greatly in improving their confidence, health & wellbeing. The courses are advertised in the new leaf office and contact details provided for clients attending and I have also been in to speak to clients about their next steps.


Pink Ladies 1st is a valuable community resource and I wish the staff well for the future.


Best Wishes,


Fiona Doyle



Hi Sheila apologies for not getting back to you sooner but I've been busy with training events over the last week or so.


It was great to meet with Maria and yourself last week and I feel that if we work collaboratively then we can assist more Women in the Penicuik area.


I appreciate the allocations of places on your courses are tight but would like to say that the feedback I have received from our customers has been very positive. There have been individuals that have been on Income Support for a number of years who, without the help of "Pink Ladies" would have been unable to even consider looking to get back into work or further education.  


The confidence building courses your organisation run assist many of my customers into being able to get out "amongst people" again and cease the isolation they feel as a Lone parent or full time carer.


I hope you are able to consider my offer of case loading customers for referral and running monthly workshops within the Jobcentre where our customers are able to meet with you and find out  the help you are able to offer.




Cath Davidson


Cath Davidson I Lone Parent Personal Advisor Penicuik/| Jobcentre Plus | Edinburgh, Lothian & Borders District| 25 John Street, | Penicuik, Midlothian | EH26 8HN Postcode | Telephone 01968 623210| |  | Please consider the environment before printing






What a fantastic, warm service! The women rave about it and can’t wait to come back.


Many of the friendships that are formed while attending the courses carry on for a long time after the course has finished.


An invaluable and much needed community resource.


Claire Whigham


Community Care Assistant


SMS Team



Pink Ladies service is one of the most sought after services in the Midlothian area. I have many clients that would benefit from this service and I think the waiting list is testimony of their good work.




Many clients I have come into contact with via other groups within the SMS team have voiced their admiration for the ladies and the benefits and rewards they have gained from attending.




The Pink Ladies are highly thought of among my colleagues and the many service users that have attended the courses.




It would be wonderful if there was a similar service for men in the Midlothian area.


Keep up the good work!


Gemma Goodwin


Social Work Team for Substance Misuse


I have been aware of PLs for over 3 years now, when they began to provide initially a six week confidence building course. I began to refer suitable clients of Midlothian substance misuse service and found that they had a remarkable impact on these clients lives.

Since this time PLs has grown into a hugely valuable resource for all women in Midlothian and have developed the program into a 10 week course with other groups where these ladies meet in a safe and supportive environment.

The feedback I have received from my clients has been remarkable.

I have also seen the changes to these individuals myself.

Through PLs they develop new, practical strategies that allow growth of self-esteem and confidence.

They discover a sense of belonging and learn that they are valued.

They form and maintain positive relationships through aftercare groups.

They feel special.


I and my colleagues within Midlothian SMS represent an ever growing number of agencies that have found PL, a hugely important allied service that assist in the recovery process. I would experience a great loss if we were to lose such a service and I fully support the future growth of PLs.

Kenny Barber

Community Psychiatric Nurse